Singaporean Vikings X-mas game

Another great X-Mas party was held on Saturday December 8th in Singapore. The singapore vikings started the day with a field hockey match where the “young” team beat the “old” team in what ended in a thrilling penalty shootout. The lunch was held at the Danish Seaman’s Church before their Sponsor Charlie’s Bar hosted the later stages of a fantastic day.

Back from Left: Mads, Marco, Ranck, PMI, Steffen, Skov, Charni, Jonas,
The Hair, Salling, Hamsom, Bihlet.
Front from left: Domino, JC, Casi, Tommie, Hotan, Corfitz, Tvilde, Moller, Thye.

Winning Team: “Young”

Back from Left: Domino, Marco, Jonas, PMI, Ranck, Charni,
In Between: Casi
Front from left: Tommie, Hotan, Steffen

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