Singapore’s Fastacash appoints Swede as chief innovator


Singapore-based social media and messenger-based online payment enabler fastacash on 19 April appointed former Jawbone executive Jörgen Nordin as its new chief innovation officer. Hiring the experienced Swede aims to cement fastacash’s market leadership in enabling social payments for businesses, where it works with banks, remittance agencies and money transfer companies, as well as mobile wallet providers.

Prior to joining fastacash Jorgen headed international product management at US-based wearables company Jawbone. He has previously served stints at Ericsson, Omnisky Corp, Tactel AB and Mobile 365 (marketing, product management, business development and sales roles).

fastacash-dashboardHis role in fastacash will include establishing the innovation agenda of the payments technology provider and leading the development of seamless consumer-focused social payments solutions. The firm seeks to expand its product offerings and market presence across Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

“In the last four years, the concept behind fastacash has moved away from being simply an idea – starting with just a three slide presentation — to becoming a global innovator in the lucrative social payments space,” said Vince Tallent, chairman and CEO of fastacash.

“Large multinationals, including banks with hundreds of millions of consumers, are looking to fastacash to connect and engage with their consumers through our innovative technology solutions. Appointing a Chief Innovation Officer with the energy, vision and background as rich as Jorgen’s, positions us very well to redefine the way people transact over social networks.”

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fastacash brings innovative financial technology solution to the partners, enabling them to tap into the shift in consumer preferences towards mobile money payments through social media channels. fastacash also brings its user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design capabilities.

Jörgen Nordin is a customer-focused professional with extensive domestic and international experience who can work within all levels of an organisation on operational, tactical, and strategic tasks as well as provide strong leadership and inspiration to his team. Jörgen has a strong interest for all things technical and more than 30 years of technology experience, says his Linkedin page.

Being a part of executive management active in customer facing sales activities as well as worked on strategic value enhancing M&A transactions including object identification, technical DD as well as Board and Investor presentations.

The “self-professed gadget enthusiast” is passionate about driving growth by taking innovative technologies and products to market. Jörgen has always been at the forefront of new technology, leading product teams and launching world firsts such as the first Bluetooth product in 1999, the world’s first MMS-based marketing campaign in 2003 and the launch of one-click mobile content purchase as a managed service in 2008.

In February 2016 fastacash and Budapest-based mobile wallet provider Cellum announced a new strategic cooperation to accelerate their global growth. Under the new partnership, the two companies are set to combine both their service capabilities and global reach.

With clients in banks, telecommunication operators and card scheme networks, Cellum is able to open new markets for fastacash in Japan and Thailand, as well as Austria, Bulgaria and Hungary. It also will offer fastacash its PCI DSS certified white label mobile wallet to its banking and non-financial partners.

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