Smart Device seminar held in Shanghai


The Danish Consulate General in Shanghai in early December co-hosted a seminar focusing on how creators of smart devices use design strategically to increase value for their users.

This question was touched upon by the Consul General, Mr. Nicolai Prytz in his welcoming remarks, where he quoted the Danish designer Poul Henningsen:  ‘Future comes by itself – Progress does not’.

”Those are the words of a famous Danish designer. Well, the future is here. Exploiting it will let us see concrete progress where we may now see intangible possibility,” said the Consul General.


China like most other countries sees an increasing interest in smart devices, and the Consul General did little to hide his conviction that partnerships between Chinese developers of smart devices and Danish design companies will be beneficial to both parties.

“For the benefits of the new smart technologies to be utilized they must be used and applied in everyday life. As we try to bridge the gap between technology and usability design becomes and inevitable lever. And I believe all parties will benefit from this lever being Danish.”

Apart from the Consul General and several stakeholders within design in Shanghai, the event was attended by Secretary General of Creative City Shanghai Ms. Ji Pan, Co-founder of Successful Design, Ms. Cathy Huang and CEO and Chief Designer of Jacob Jensen Holding Mr. Timothy Jacob Jensen.

Embassy Denmark in China

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