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Born out of a need for to create awareness about the new Nordic diet & paying back to Singapore, Smør decided to introduce a palatable & acceptable method in the heart of Singapore’s central business district by introducing Scandinavian smørrebrød delights to cater to the ever-burgeoning demand for premium quality nutritious meals at affordable prices.

The Nordic Diet emphasizes 3 tenets:
1) Breads made of whole grain rye because they contain slow-digesting fiber, which prevent sharp rises in blood sugar that create food cravings.
2) Low-temperature cooking methods, such as oven baking and boiling, to keep the nutritional value of the foods.
3) Foods from organic sources; ensuring food security without jeopardizing the environment

Every open-faced sandwich at Smør is prepared with that vision & goal in mind.

Smør packs in not only heaps of nutrients, but also a flavourful story of an owner who spent twelve years as a Sales Director at Bloomberg in Singapore, before realizing that he needed to leave behind a culinary legacy of sorts. The corporate life, filled with its endless buffets, had taken a toll on his waistline, and he seriously questioned the perks of eating healthy.  The food at Smør, is a complete nutrient meal consisting of a handful of complex carbs, a handful of protein, and a handful of fibre for each plate, showing their understanding & importance of an organic & processed-free diet.

Featuring wholesome organic produce and premium ingredients imported directly from the Scandinavian region, among the cold specialties include: Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Hand Peeled Shrimps and Pickled Herring while the hot specialties include a fusion of East meets West, with their spicy Kale & Mushrooms and farm fed Herb Roasted Sirloin.

Specially for ScandAsia readers, please enjoy addon of Danish Blue Cheese (worth 2$) on a Regular meal, absolutely free. 

Smør is conveniently accessible from Raffles Place MRT Station and operates from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays, and 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on Saturdays.

Address: #B1-23 One Raffles Place
Phone: 9430 1500


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