Sneak peek at Swedish upcoming photo exhibition

In 2019 the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok will showcase a photo exhibition to celebrate 150 years of friendship between Sweden and Thailand. Now, the Embassy gives sneak peeks on their facebook page.

The photo exhibition will picture Thais with relations to Sweden and Swedes with relations to Thailand. The exhibition will open on 4 January 2019, but until then the Embassy gives a sneak peek of the profiles each week.

Untill now, the Embassy has shown three profiles. Currently, it is possible to read about a Swedish man who changed his life from working in the restaurant business to dedicate his life to save street and injured dogs fulltime in Thailand.

Watch the Embassy’s video about him here:

You can also read about a Thai woman who moved to Sweden 1985 to live with her husband on his farm. She has since then been working as a farmer and added Thai vegetables to the regular growth.

The first profile shown is a about a Thai man competing in tattoo design. After winning competitions in Thailand and Europe he settled down in Stockholm to open his own tattoo studio.

The exhibition will be showcased at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC) on 4-13 January 2019.

Bilateral relations between Sweden and Thailand began in 1868 when the first Siam-Swedish friendship treaty, The Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation was signed on 18 May.

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