SSS website is hacked ‘for the third time’

The Scandinavian Siam Society (SSS) website was hacked again yesterday for the third time in a month, said the association’s chairman Robert Kronberg.

Kronberg said he is perplexed by the incident given that the webmaster has successfully created a new website under a new host – which would reduce the security flaws the old SSS site had.

“We inspect it is either a result of technical problems at the server in the U.S. or we’re hijacked by a group of professional hackers,” the chairman said.

The cause could also stem from the association board’s computer being hacked and someone stole the website password from it, he said.

Only minor email problems occurred after the hack but all the files and member database have been saved in a back-up storage.

As for the solutions, Kronberg said he is asking many technology enthusiasts for help.

“We are investigating on the matter right now and I hope to see (the problem) fixed within 7 days,” said Kronberg.

SSS website was first hacked in early-December, resulting in a new web designer being brought in to help revamp the old site.

The rejuvenation process went well but the website was eventually hacked – again – in late-December.

The website is now under construction. Its front page now displays only an Indonesian flag and logos with the country’s national anthem playing along in the background.

“From what we see, the new hacker might be from Indonesia,” Kronberg said.

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