Photo exhibition for Sweden Alumni Network Vietnam

The Sweden Alumni Network Vietnam organized a photo exhibition to share  their memorable moments in Sweden “The Sweden Memory Photo Exhibition – Vietnam”  on 12th January 2020. The event was held at the Ambassador of Sweden residence, Ambassador Ann Mawe was one of the honorary guests.

The main activities included mini talkshow, trivia and giving gifts to 10 participants for the most impressive work voted by the Advisor and the 5 most favorite works voted by the audience.

The 10 most impressive works voted by the Board of Advisor:

  1. Hoang Bich Lien
  2. Chau Tran
  3. Nguyen Manh Duc
  4. Martin Sigbjorn
  5. Nguyen Mai Han
  6. Nguyen Ngoc Son
  7. Nguyen Phuong Anh
  8. Doan Phuong Dung
  9. Le Bich
  10. Tran Viet Van

5 most favorite works voted by audience

  1. Mr. Serious
  2. Tran Thi Normal
  3. Tham Nguyen
  4. Thuy Huong Nguyen
  5. Ha Trang Van

The Sweden Students Alumni expressed their appreciation to all participants that sent the photo to the program and congratulations to all that have been selected the winners by the Board of Advisor and audience. The organization will contact the photographers directly to inform and send gifts.

Please view the link for the news clip of the event and some of the photos from the exhibition here.


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