Sweden as IT, start-up hub highlighted in Thailand

Charlotta Schlyter, Deputy Head of Mission, and Vivianne Gillman, Trade Commissioner at Business Sweden, shared with Thailand the Swedish experience of what can stimulate IT start-ups, the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok reported.

Charlotta Schlyter

This took place at a seminar hosted by the Nation Building Institute-NBI‘s senior executive programme (on 26 July). The seminar was held in preparation for an upcoming study tour to Sweden later this year with the purpose to exchange and share experiences with organizations in Sweden in the area of IT Start-up. The programme for Nation-Building includes persons from public, private and civic sector, including former ministers, executives from listed public companies, director-general’s, university presidents and deans, senior media professionals.

The exchange addressed key factors that have boosted innovation and contributed to make Sweden an IT startup hub. These include a strong collaboration between government, industry and academia, but also important “atmospherics” such as a global outlook, freedom of expression and on- and offline, and gender equality.

Vivianne Gillman

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