Sweden charges Tibetan resident for spying on fellow exiles for China

According to The Guardian, Sweden has charged a Tibetan living in the country for spying on his fellow exiles for the Chinese government.

The 49-year old man was working for the Tibetan news paper Voice of TIbet, but according to the charges he was also supplying the Chinese government with information about other exiles from Tibet, including information about the families, housing situations and travel plans of “certain people of importance to the Chinese regime.”

“This is a very serious crime,” prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist told reporters. According to him, the man had been in touch with Chinese officials in Poland and Finland and was on one occasion paid 5950 US dollars for the information.

According to Tibetan Community in Sweden, an organization representing the Tibetans in Sweden, there currently lives 140 Tibetan exiles in Sweden.

“It is clear that there are spies who are sent by China to Tibetan communities, but this is the first time it’s been officially investigated,” Jamyang Choedon of the Tibetan Community in Sweden told the Swedish paper, the Local.

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