Sweden to open embassy in Manila in 2016


The Swedish government has announced its decision to open an embassy in Manila, The Philippines in 2016. The main focus at the new embassy will be to strengthen trade and investment promotion and policy dialogue.

– We see the embassies as a way to create jobs in Sweden. It is important that we improve the opportunities in these markets that are a little further away, that is a little harder to get into. Then the embassies play a huge role, says Economic Development and Innovation Minister Mikael Damberg.

Philippines, with its over 100 million inhabitants, is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Swedish exports to the Philippines amounts to almost one billion Swedish kronor. Nearly 22 000 Swedes visited the country last year and the number is expected to increase along with that the national tourism industry is growing. The Embassy’s main task will be to promote trade and investment exchange with the Philippines. The Embassy’s tasks also include political coverage.

The new embassy will be staffed with two people posted from the Foreign Ministry and a number of local employees.

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