Swede’s complaint over ‘horror’ on express bus in Malaysia gets boost

Traveling on Malaysia's express buses can be a family-unfriendly experience as 'inappropriate' films often chosen to entertain the passengers.
Traveling on Malaysia’s express buses can be a family-unfriendly experience as ‘inappropriate’ films often get chosen to entertain the passengers.

Express bus drivers in Malaysia have been given guidelines on the playing of movies during trips, and failure to adhere to them could risk them being reported to the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CVLB) for further action.

Sabah Express Bus Operators Council president Donald Hanafi gave this warning following an incident where inappropriate material was shown during a recent express bus trip from here to Sandakan.

A Swedish passenger who took that bus ride had contacted the New Straits Times to make the complaint.

She claimed the bus driver had shown some gruesome movies along the journey, which were inappropriate for children on board the bus. One of the movies screened was identified as The Wrong Turn, a horror movie.

“Bus drivers should only play movies that are suitable for all passengers on a long-distance journey.

“Our council has been reminding bus company owners and operators to obey the regulations on what kind of movie material is suitable for general audience.

“They should also take actionto ensure their drivers adhere to guidelines set by the council,” said Donald.

He added that they would investigate the complaint by the Swedish passenger and take action.

He stressed the council would not hesitate to refer any offenders to the CLVB.

He advised passengers to contact the authority, on the number displayed in every bus, if they found anything to be unsatisfactory.

Donald added that 21 bus companies, with about 400 buses, were members of the council.

[box]Source: http://www.nst.com.my/nation/general/horror-on-express-bus-1.195218[/box]

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