Swedish biometric start-up lets you pay with your palm

Cash, cheques, plastic, Paypal… there are already many ways to pay. And now a group of students at Lund University in Sweden have come up with a biometric payment system. It works by touching the screen with your palm and entering the final four digits of your smartphone number. The idea is called Quixter, and is the brainchild of Fredrik Leifland, an engineering student, who wanted to make paying faster and more secure. quixter-image-hand-payment

What is palm vein recognition?
The vein scanner uses harmless infrared light to scan the veins inside your palm. This technology looks at the blood inside the veins and is not easily affected by dirt and minor cuts. It also provides enhanced security because, unlike fingerprints, your vein pattern doesn’t leave traces on objects that you touch.

What if someone cuts my hand off?
It’s not possible to cut off a hand and use it for identification because the scanning process requires blood flowing in the veins.

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