Swedish brand Absolut teaches Chinese how to drink vodka

In attempt to build a brand in the growing Chinese vodka market, the Swedish brand Absolut has focused on educating the consumers on how to mix and consume vodka, the Campaign Asia reports.

The latest campaign the Swedish vodka brand Absolut has launched in 15 cities in China is the digital campaign “Slurp vs Suck”, that introduces another way to drink Absolut – by mixing flavoured green jelly and “caviar” made from grape juice with the Swedish vodka.

absolut vodka

The campaign aims at the audience between 18 and 30 years old and it is taking place across social-media and mobile platforms. The consumers receive campaign information and coupons to redeem gifts when they purchase Absolut in selected stores, and if they share photos or videos of themselves drinking it, they get the chance to win a seven-bottle pack of Absolut miniatures.

Tracy Wang who is the brand director of white spirits and innovations at Pernod Ricard China, said to Campaign Asia, that the message of the campaign is a “unique and provocative approach to drinking”, and being bold, daring and creative is what Absolut is about, she said.

Some might think that it is unnecessary to educate people on how to drink, but in China the culture of mixing drinks is not that pronounced, and that creates the need for “Drinkspiration” recipes, such as the one Absolut has launched in China.

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