Swedish Embassy funds multimedia developing project in Cambodia


The Swedish Embassy and United Nations Development Programme in Cambodia are the funders to a new multimedia initiative “Klahan9” (which means “Brave9”). The project is aimed to support young Cambodian people to improve their lives by providing information in an entertaining and engaging way through TV, radio and online. Klahan9 will give information about employment, economic security/opportunities and negotiating with family and other decision makers about jobs.

The initiative was created to face the challenge about unemployment and lack of working experiences to young people in Cambodia. Many young Cambodians find it difficult to access career guidance and training, and for those who are in work they might have to contend with low wages, informal contracts and long working hours. In addition, many young Cambodians are interested in migrating to the cities or abroad, but are inadequately prepared to make the move.

Klahan9 is a tool to help face these challenges. The multimedia project will address these issues on TV, radio and online in a number of ways, including airing interviews from employment experts, live call-in-programmes, innovative games shows, and educational dramas. The shows will cover a range of topics: from how to search for employment opportunities more effectively, negotiating with parents and employers, CV writing and interviewing skills, workplace safety, employee rights and responsibilities, economic migration and the risks posed by people traffickers. In addition, many people in Cambodia are self-employed and the project also aims to support those looking to set up their own business or to make their agricultural livelihoods more productive.

The idea is to make it obtainable from many platforms to reach as many young Cambodians as possible. BBC Media Action are the producers of Klahan9 and together with Cambodian Broadcasting Service (CBS) they will ensure the program reaches a wide cross-section of Cambodians, both in urban and rural areas. Social media sites, such as Facebook, also allow opportunities for engagement. In “media dark” areas with limited access to internet, TV and radio, they will provide the programmes on DVDs, distributed via Cambodian National Employment Agency (NEA) offices, community groups and local NGOs.

Klahan9 TV will broadcast in December 2015. The radio phone in program is live every Sunday from 1pm to 2pm on FM103. The programs will be available on www.klahan9.com.kh , Soundcloud and the Facebook-page of Klahan9. 


www.klahan9.com.kt and www.bbc.co.uk

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