Swedish Embassy hosted Vietnamese media coordination meetings

The Swedish Embassy in Hanoi hosted the final of Vietnam Media Development Donor Coordination meetings on Jan 31.

In attendance were representatives from the diplomatic community as well as representatives from the press including distinguished journalist Phan Loi from the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper.

The project began three years ago and has since aimed at increasing the coordination of media projects and awareness between members of the international community present in Vietnam as well as input from the media. The project has worked closely with Sida’s strategic interventions projects on the Vietnamese media.

Opening the meeting Ms Dung gave the Swedish Embassy’s perspective on its support of the Vietnamese media over the past 20 years mentioning among other achievements the training of journalists, media houses, and managers, as well as the support to the revision of the Press Law.

To show that the international donor community continues its work Ms Catherine McKinley, consultant to the Media Coordination Project, summarized the project by stating that coordination and information sharing has been very helpful in the efforts of developing Vietnamese media.

Mr Loi gave a much appreciated presentation of the present challenges and the future of Vietnamese media. A key message is that media in Vietnam is more and more developed as a response to public demand. Media is a key player in the fight against corruption and the continued efforts in training and developing media is a national concern.

Source: The Swedish Embassy

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