Swedish Embassy welcomes Head of Borgholm Health center to Singapore

Dr. Åke Åkesson (at the center) together with the Embassy’s staff and representatives from Singaporean healthcare organizations

The Embassy of Sweden in Singapore gave a warm welcome to Head of Borgholm Health center, Dr. Åke Åkesson who came to visit Singaporean health organizations around 28-31 January 2019.

The visiting programs included meetings with policy makers and health professionals from the National Healthcare Group (NHG), SingHealth, National University of Health System (NUHS) and the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

During his visit, Dr. Åke Åkesson shared his experiences in healthcare field with representatives from Singaporean health organizations and discussed the method Singapore should do to prepare health care systems for a rapidly aging population.

Moreover, Dr. Åkesson suggested the way to ensure that Singaporean elderly age will have the ability to maintain a high quality of life as long as possible.

Dr. Åkesson has contributed many important works toward Swedish medical healthcare. One of his most well-known work called the “Borgholm Model” named after the island where Dr. Åkesson has his practice.

“Borgholm Model” is a reform model of primary care. Its purposes are to bring health care closer to the people, increase the role of primary care doctors that provide health care at home instead of reliance on the hospital.

The Embassy would like to thank Dr. Åkesson for this visit as it wrote on the Facebook page of the Embassy “Thank you Dr. Åkesson for an incredibly interesting and inspiring visit!”

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