Swedish F1 driver crashes into chicken in Thailand

Photos from Marcus Ericsson’s Twitter profile

Swedish Formula1 driver Marcus Ericsson has had a biking accident in Thailand. When he was attending a boot camp ahead of this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, Marcus Ericsson fell from his bike because of a big chicken being in the way.

The Swedish driver first wrote on his Twitter that hitting a (big) chicken going 45 km/h is not to recommend, after which he wrote “Believe it or not the chicken kept running!! Not sure what they feed the chickens in Thailand because that was a big hit!”

Marcus Ericsson says he picked up some cuts and bruises in the fall, saying he was going around 45 km/h when he hit the bird. Nevertheless, Sauber’s Formula1 driver says he is fit to race this weekend afterall.

Source: Formulaspy.com


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