Swedish fake Rolex Watch seller on the run

A 26 year old Thai Man, who purchased what he thought was a real second-hand Rolex Watch, later found the watch to be fake, despite handing over 110,000 Baht for the watch to its previous owner, a Swedish National, on March 7, in Pattaya.

Khun Samit agreed to meet Mr. Carl Anders Mikael Andersson, aged 54 from Sweden, at the Big C Extra Store in Central Pattaya where the money was handed over in exchange for the wrist watch. Mr. Andersson allowed Khun Samit to take a picture of his passport in case a problem with the sale occurred.

Khun Samit went to Pattaya Police Station on Friday evening and spoke with the Police Colonel, who was told that the apparent victim saw the watch advertised on a Thai Website. If the watch had been genuine the retail price for the item is currently 240,000 Bah.

Khun Samit claimed Mr. Andersson appeared eager to leave quickly which made Khun Samit suspicious. He went straight to a shop to get the watch valued and it was confirmed the item was a fake. Mr. Andersson had long disappeared so the victim decided to report the incident to Police.

Immigration Police have been informed and will attempt to block the suspects exit from Thailand should he decided to escape the country to avoid arrest.

Source: Pattaya One

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