Swedish film competing for the Golden Goblet Award in Shanghai


The Swedish film “Reliance”, directed by William Olsson, is among the 12 films shortlisted for the Golden Goblet Awards at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival.

“Reliance” is a psychological drama about the fragile security situation in the residential area. The film had its Swedish premiere on June 14, 2013.

In the night after a party, a masked man sneaks unseen into the dark house in the affluent neighborhood. He molests Selinda, a fifteen year old girl while the rest of her family is fast asleep. The family is deeply shocked and the cracks between them open wider. Selinda’s father, that has long forsaken his family for a professional career, is eaten by self-accusations over not being around to protect his daughter. Her mother, unable to deal with the incident, turns into denial. Although Selinda does not see herself as a victim, her parents despair reflects back on her.

For more information, please find the homepage of SIFF.

The 16th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival will run June 15-23.


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