Swedish Gamefest 2013 in Singapore

The Singapore gaming community gathered at E2max (LAN Facility) on 14 – 15 June 2013 to participate in the ’Swedish Gamefest’ hosted by the Embassy of Sweden together with Singapore Cybersports and  Online Gaming Association (SCOGA).

With the aim to highlight Sweden’s success in the growing gaming industry and create a platform for Swedish games in Singapore, the LAN party showcased three of the finest games to come out of Sweden to 200 representatives from the Singaporean gaming community.

A Battlefield 3 tournament was held with enthusiastic participants from “professional” gaming teams. The Embassy also collaborated with the Swedish game developer Simbin to introduce to the gaming community the soon to be launched RaceRoom Racing Experience. The best racing times of the day were awarded with Simbin Virtual Currency. The gamers also had a chance to play Minecraft, one of Sweden’s biggest gaming successes, and prizes were given out every hour to the most creative submission.

The two-day event concluded with Ambassador Dolfe giving out the prizes to the winning Battlefield teams, with Team BF NUT securing the first prize. The prizes included, among other things, tickets to DreamHack 2013, the largest digital festival in the world hosted in Sweden each year.

Winning team with Ambassador Dolfe
Winning team with Ambassador Dolfe Photo: Hema Selva

Ranked as one of the top computer game exporters, Sweden has proved to be nurturing highly creative and innovative game developers, who also have the business mind-sets to commercialise the games on the international market.

Other partners that the embassy collaborated with included Dice, EA Games, Mojang, DreamHack and Illuminary.

Source: Embassy of Sweden in Singapore

Ambassador Dolfe with Gamefest partners
Ambassador Dolfe with Gamefest partners Photo: Hema Selva


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