Swedish healthcare delegation to Singapore, Hong Kong

Business Sweden in Southeast Asia kicks off 2017 by inviting companies to participate in an executive 4-day program within healthcare and innovation.

A Swedish delegation will during 13-16 February visit Singapore and Hong Kong on the theme ‘Health and Innovation for the Ageing Population’.

Sweden, Singapore and Hong Kong share many current and future challenges and opportunities in care provision for their increasingly ageing populations. This delegation aims to provide a platform for healthcare actors and companies to learn about policies and action plans in Singapore and Hong Kong to address healthcare needs in these markets.

The program will comprise of meetings and networking sessions with stakeholders from policy makers to healthcare operators with the objective of fostering collaboration and exchanges of best practices. The avenue for participants to immerse in the care system and the environment on the ground provides an excellent opportunity to anticipate future needs, understand the direction of policy makers and identify potential partners or networks for further growth.

The State Secretary Madeleine Harby-Samuelsson of the Swedish Ministry for Health and Social Affairs will lead the delegation. The program includes site visits to hospitals, nursing homes and research facilities as well as receptions at the Swedish Embassy Residences in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Swedish delegation will, among other things, provide Swedish healthcare and life science companies with increased exposure and the opportunity to voice their challenges on the local markets; increase the visibility of Swedish solutions and best practices among targeted stakeholders; and strengthen the dialogue and exchange experiences between the countries on how we can improve access to care, patient outcomes and cost-efficiency in face of the challenges of an ageing population.

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