Swedish indie pop band to China

Pop band THEO BERNDT will perform in Shanghai and Suzhou

Swedish indie pop band THEO BERNDT has their 2013 China tour, playing at several locations across the country, including Shanghai and Suzhou.

Their first album “GBGBG” released in 2010 received immediate adulation from critics and the public. The musical style of “GBGBG” combined INDIE ROCK, INDIE POP and PUNK, which was an instant success. In 2011, they changed their name to THEO BERNDT, and released the second album “F. E. A. R. S”. THEO BERNDT gained attention for their indie pop music that had a more gentle and pop sound with the keyboardist’s participation.


THEO BERNDT will perform in Shanghai and Suzhou in June, 2013.


4 June: Wuhan/ 武汉 VOX

5 June: Zhengzhou 郑州 7 LIVE

7 June: Changsha 长沙 46

8 June: Nanchang 南昌 黑铁

9 June: Shanghai 上海 育音堂

10 June: Suzhou 苏州 WAVE

11 June: Peking 北京 坛






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