Swedish Innovation Exhibition puts spotlight on Electrolux

Electrolux, the Swedish company that has grown into a global leader in home appliances, will display its latest models of washing machines with the unique ‘Time Manager’ function at the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce “Beyond Innovation” exhibition later this month. elektrolux

Best known for its iconic washing machines and vacuum cleaners, Electrolux has also led the industry through integrating sustainability into every aspect of its business. This commitment received international recognition last month when the company was awarded the top position in the household durables category of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index Awards for the eighth year in a row.

Sustainability and cutting edge innovation have come together in the company’s latest range of washing machines with the convenient Time Manager function catering for people with busy schedules and not enough time.

The Time Manager lets the owner choose between four different level settings and wash cycles to save energy, time and water consumption.

Other innovations incorporated into the washing machine include the Vapour system which eliminates 99.9 percent of allergens, making rashes and redness a thing of the past. Lily Drum and Leaf Lifter technology transforms dirty clothes into beautiful crisp, clean attire, gently washing garments so they still look elegant and luxurious even after years of wear. A Refresh Program with a built in steam function helps fabric loosen up, and reduces wrinkles, while those who crave tranquillity, enjoy the benefit of a silent inverter motor ensures every wash is ultra-quiet.

Busy customers who need to be somewhere else in a hurry can also choose a delayed start in the Time Manager, and there is even an 18-minute Quick Wash for lightly soiled items that you need super-fast.

Electrolux will also exhibit the T-Drive top load washing machine with Stainwand. The T-Drive Stainwand uses an ultrasonic vibration system to loosen stubborn dirt particles. The chemical free pre-treatment of clothes eliminates 93 percent of stains on clothes.

Other Electrolux products on display at the exhibition will include Kitchen appliances including the latest technology in ceramic induction hobs, microwaves, and rice cookers.

Electrolux’s signature Ergorapido stick vacuum cleaner will also be featured along with the latest in the company’s air purifiers.

The Exhibition takes place from 24-26 October at Centralworld.

Source: Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

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