Swedish Michelin Star Chef participates in food festival in Singapore

Last week, the 2013 edition of legendary ‘Guide Michelin’ announced which European restaurants earned the precious stars. Among the Swedish newcomers where Gothenburg restaurant Sjömagasinet who’s chef, Gustav Trägårdh will be participating in this year’s Savour festival. He can be found at the Gourmet Village, where you can interact with other Michelin star chefs ans enjoy signature dishes from the world’s top-100 ranked restaurants. The festival is from April 11 to April 14. The Swedish Embassy in Singapore caught up with Chef Trägårdh and talked about his upcoming visit to Singapore.


Describe your cooking in three words

– Honest, genuine, innovative

Tradition and innovation: What is the secret to finding the balance when creating new dishes?

– Use the history! It is part of a food-evolution. Things are not as they are of coincidence, add your personality and a twist

 Which will be, according to you, the next big trend related to Swedish food?

– Honesty. Real food. Real protein. Real fat. Real veggies.

What delicious dishes can we look forward to at the Savour festival?

– Among other a cod-loin. One of the most classic dishes ever made in Sweden in a new shape.

Tell us about Sjömagasinet

– It’s a traditional old restaurant in one of the oldest houses in Gothenburg. But it has new clothing. And new owners. And a fresh style. It’s in the harbour of Gothenburg; one of northern Europe’s largest, with old ships, new ships, bridges, fishing boats, sea gulls… I would say it’s an extract of Gothenburg.

What have you heard about the Singaporean food culture? What are you looking forward to most in Singapore?

– When I visited Hong Kong I was told Singapore has an even greater food-culture which is hard to imagine…. I have extreme expectations and I am rather sure they will be full filled. As anywhere else I look forward to discover street food!

What ingredients can always be found in your kitchen?

– diary’s, egg, garlic, nam pla

Sweden is referred to a culinary nation in the making, what is your take on this?

– 30 years ago Sweden wasn’t much of a gastronomic nation. But the last 30 years has been massive. The competition ‘chef of the year’ started, the first stars of Guide Michelin came, the raw material assortment exploded (with better logistic, more curiosity and immigrants). Today gastronomy is an issue of status in Sweden as well as owning the right car or living in the right area…. and I am a part of. And for that I am very content!

Should you be in the mood to check out some dishes of Chef Trägårdh, you can buy tickets for the Savour Festival here

Source: Embassy of Sweden in Singapore 



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