Swedish Minister Kristina Persson is visiting Jakarta


On 17-19 November 2015, Swedish Minister for Strategic Development, Future Issues and Nordic Cooperation Kristina Persson will visit Jakarta to progress, deepen and strengthen the already forged relationship between Indonesia and Sweden, specifically to exchange knowledge and experiences on strategic planning, global cooperation and challenges.

The Minister is leading the mission: future. With a portfolio of strategic development and future issues comprising questions of green transition, the future of work and global cooperation, her task is to lead the Swedish government’s long-term strategic planning and policy formulation processes in these areas. Enlisting the help of experts from government, business and academia, she chairs three working groups with the objective of coming up with concrete proposals for policy change to help the government face the challenges of tomorrow.

During her visit, Kristina Persson is scheduled to meet with Indonesian Minister of National Development Planning Sofyan Djalil  on 18 November. Both ministers are responsible for long-term planning in their respective countries, hence exchanging experience on strategic planning is part of the agenda.

On the same day, the Minister and Ambassador of Sweden to Indonesia, Timor Leste and ASEAN Johanna Brismar Skoog will co-host a round table discussion to learn about how Southeast Asia’s regional actors cooperate to solve both regional and global challenges.

On 19 November, she will take part as a panelist in the seminar “Untapping Indonesia’s Unique Potential for Sustainable Energy” together with prominent Indonesian and Swedish figures from both public and private sectors, including government representatives and academia. Moderated by UNORCID Director Satya Tripathi, the seminar will look into how the development of sustainable energy in Indonesia can be enhanced through strengthening cooperation between Indonesia and Sweden.

During the seminar six Swedish companies will present their commitment and ideas to develop sustainable energy in Indonesia. One of the companies, Energeotek, is already engaged in a small scale geothermal project in a remote location. This initiative is part of INSISTS, an Indonesian-Swedish cooperation around sustainable energy, signed in 2013.

“The Swedish government fully supports Indonesia’s ambitious plan to increase renewable energy share in the energy mix. It is part of both governments’ commitment to reduce emissions while growing the economy,” says Minister Persson.

“Sweden leads by example that it is possible to do so. Between year 1990 to 2013, the emission decreased by 22% while the GDP increased by 58%,” adds Ambassador Brismar Skoog.

Ending this short visit, Kristina Persson is expected to give a public lecture at Universitas Indonesia on Sweden’s experience to become one of the most sustainable countries in the world. An early adopter of environmental thinking, for most Swedes today, sustainability is a way of life.

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