Swedish-Thai Model Lovisa Lager keeps things real

Swedish-Thai Lovisa Lager is a model, and Instagram sensation who is determined to reshape the way society promotes body positivity and self-confidence. In a recent interview with Vogue, she talks about how she is keeping things real.

Lovisa Lager’s mother is from Thailand and her father is from Sweden. She was raised in Stockholm and her career as a curve model began when she in 2017 started posting photos of herself as a way of improving her self-confidence. She was contacted by the IMM model agency who wanted to work with her and since then she has taken the world by storm and worked with numerous famous brands.

To Vogue, Lovisa Lager explains that she is motivated by self-expression and creativity, rather than money. She credits her parents with fostering her artistic side and says, “I usually say that we grew up broke, but my parents gave me the richest life possible when it comes to culture. They have always pushed us to be greater than we think when it comes to our creativity.”

Lovisa Lager has struggled with her self–confidence in the past but now is confident in her body. She knows that no matter what size you are, anyone can lack confidence and she is very active online where she tries to keep things real and personal. She explains that it is hard sometimes to be a model and also have a personality but on social media, she feels like she can be herself. “Going on social media is definitely a way to escape from your reality, and I think a lot of people find comfort in following people who are very open and very real on social media, (even though you might not know if they are because that might also be a character people have on social media). I really try to be as raw and myself as possible,” she says.

Lovisa Lager is also very open about her mental health. “I’ve always been talking about mental health on my social media, especially about ADHD because I have it. It’s really nice to see that my guy friends are sitting and having a drink and talking about their mental health and that they feel that comfortable to be able to do that because when it comes to men, especially brown and Black men, it can be really, really hard. It brings me so much joy that even though they might be struggling, they’re talking about it. It’s beautiful to see that we actually like going somewhere.”

Read the full interview with Lovisa Lager here

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