Swedish tourist learns traditional Thai weaving patterns

Photo: Manager Online

The Khaotao shuttle loom weaving training centre in Huahin has recently admitted a new student, 70-year-old Iris Fejback from Stockholm.

A retired bank employee from Sweden’s capital city, Fejback said she was interested to learn the traditional Thai weaving method after hearing about it last month.

Fejback, who is on vacation with her husband, Bo Daduid, 79, until April, told Thai-language Manager newspaper that she had been learning traditional Thai weaving patterns for two weeks now.

Trainers at the Khaotao weaving training centre were only too glad to help Fejback learn Thai patterns, using mostly sign language, as none of them speak any English.

Fejback bought her own yarn and spent morning and afternoon hours most days weaving. She planned to bring back cloth with traditional Thai patterns back to Sweden and to promote them among members of her weaving club in Stockholm.


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