Swedish woman severely injured as speedboat hits rough waters

Karin Josefsson has spend ten days in a hospital in Phuket, following a speedboat ride through rough waters to Phi Phi Islands, January 19.

“The waves were too high and strong, but the captain insisted we leave. I had not seen any other boats leave that morning, “ Mrs Josefsson said to Phuket Gazette.


Photo: Phuket Gazette
Photo: Phuket Gazette

Karin Josefsson and her husband boarded the speedboat from Phuket to Phi Phi Island along with 24 other passengers. During the trip the speedboat tackled choppy waters, and Karin Josefsson and her husband fell down onto the deck.

“I still have pain in my back. I can move my legs a little bit, but I cannot move my feet at all,” Karin Josefsson said. Her husband were lucky to only suffer a minor back-injury.

At the Bangkok Hospital, Phuket an x-ray revealed a serious damage to her spine. Karin Josefsson and her husband eventually flew back to Sweden on January 30 along with scandinavian specialists and doctors.


More info : Phuket Gazette

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