Telenor will make Thailand its fifth 4G country

Norway’s Telenor is ready to invest in fourth-generation mobile broadband service in Thailand due to “unexpectedly high” data revenue growth, Bangkok Post reported.

Thailand will be the fifth country after Norway, Sweden, Malaysia and Hungary where the Norwegian telecommunication company Telenor will provide 4G services. Telenor has experienced a strong growth in the revenue due to “crazy increase” in mobile data usage, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and the availability of 3G services, Mr Brekke explained.

Telenor holds the major share of Total Access Communication (DTAC) in Thailand, and the demand on the Thai market has surprised the Telenor Goup in Asia.


“Thailand(via DTAC) contributed the largest proportion of revenue in Asia,” executive vice-president and head of Asia operations at Telenor Group Sigve Brekke said to Bangkok Post.

The strong growth in the revenue caused by a “crazy increase” in mobile data usage, has made Telenor decide to invest more in Thailand to stretch its 3G network across the country and furthermore increase the 4G internet penetration in big cities as well as rural areas.

“It’s time for us to provide 4G technology for data-hungry users in Thailand,”

Telenor also aims to roll out its 2G and 3G network in Myanmar by mid-2014 under an undisclosed investment once it receives a mobile license from the Myanmar government to provide services, expected by next month.

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  1. Hold your horses, 3G is far from fully implemented here and in manny places is only 2G in service.

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