Tetra Pak partners with Greyhound Café for environmental campaign

Tetra Pak in Thailand has partnered up with Greyhound Café in introducing drinking water packed in a unique design carton that answers to urban lifestyle while reduces carbon footprint.

The collaboration with Greyhound Café Co., Ltd. is a lifestyle company, aims to build awareness of carton benefits among consumers in the urban living segment through the ‘Choose to be different’ campaign.

Led by Communications Director Pantharee Yordsree of Tetra Pak Thailand and Managing Director Pornsiri Rojmeta of Greyhound Café, the campaign introduced drinking water in a hip edition of octagonal-shaped Tetra Prisma® Aseptic package especially designed with the concept of ‘Choose a carton, Choose a cool package, Choose to care for our environment’ to give away to customers of Greyhound Cafés, Greyhound Original stores and Playhound flagship stores till June this year.

Tetra Prisma® Aseptic has a unique 8-sided shape that reflects multi-faceted approach to beverage packaging design. The- package provides drinking convenience, ensures good grip and is made with environmentally and socially sound production process under Tetra Pak’s motto to “PROTECT WHAT’S GOOD”, including the beverage contents, the consumers, the society and the environment.

Tetra Pak is the global leading supplier of food and beverage processing and packaging systems.

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