Thai and Dane accused of abusing 8-year-old


A 46-year-old Thai woman and a 35-year-old Danish woman are accused of abusing an 8-year-old boy through a year. According to the accusation, the boy has been beaten with a ladle, forced to perform defamatory actions and punished with confinement.

On Saturday 17 September, the women were produced in the Court in Helsingør, Denmark. According to senior prosecutor Helle Olesen, the crimes took place at an address in Nygade in Helsinge, Denmark, where the women apparently ran some kind of brothel.

For two months, a third woman is said to have worked as a prostitute at the address and received an unknown number of customers. The woman is said to have shared her payment with the accused, and therefore they are, besides abuse and violence, also charged with procuring.

Helle Olesen does not want to reveal which relation the eight-year-old boy had to the suspects. She says that both women refused being guilty. However, the judge decided to remand both in custody until 30 September 2016.



Source: BT

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