‘World’s first’ suction powered artwork

Vacuum cleaning, one of the more tedious household chores, has just been elevated to an art form thanks to a collaboration between Electrolux and Thailand’s artist Chalit Nakpawan. An impressive artwork was created by the artist, using the company’s latest-model vacuum cleaner.

UltraCaptic behind the scene  (3)Chalit used Electrolux’s new UltraCaptic bagless vacuum machine – featuring an innovative dust disposal “Compact & Go” technology – to create “Power,” an amazing and elaborate art work composed of different coloured sand.

Mr. Sutti Manokitjarunman, General Manager of Electrolux Thailand said, “Khun Chalit combined his artistic creativity, and the innovative features of the new UltraCaptic vacuum machine, to create the world’s first vacuum powered artwork.”

“He made use of UltraCaptic’s strong power, and the innovative ‘Compact & Go’ dust disposal system that enables super compressed dust collection, to create this masterpiece.”

Mr. Sutti added, “On behalf of Electrolux Thailand, I would like to thank Khun Chalit for creating this incredible artwork. I would also like to thank Saatchi & Saatchi Co., Ltd. and Wake Up Rabbit Production House for their help in developing, and realizing, this original world first art project.”

Electrolux invites you to experience the powerful performance of Electrolux’s UltraCaptic vacuum machine at www.electrolux.co.th or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUd7zq6V5UU

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