Thai designers and artists host Swedish exhibition


“Lagom är bäst, which opened on May 2 to the public, is a multidisciplinary design, arts and craft exhibition by Thai designers and artists who have spent their lives in Sweden.

Arthitaya, who is one of the designers, explained that she met with a few of her friends at a gallery and they were struck by an idea that they should present Sweden through their arts.

The designers and artists feel that most Thais know very little about Sweden, and are inclined to have a generalized perception that it is “some European country”.

Yet, having lived in the Scandinavian country, the artists were impressed by a number of recognizable similarities in mentality and culture of Swedes and Thais. The event aims to promote Swedish-Thai relations in the realm of art and culture.

A newly invented theme-based design collection of 13 pieces uniquely interprets the proverb of “lagom” through various art forms, such as ceramics, textiles, jewelry, graphic design and furniture. Many Swedes believe that “Lagom är bäst” (Lagom is best), it’s a way of living in moderation, having just enough, not too much or too little. Lagom mentality is similar to Aristotle’s “Golden Mean” and Buddhist “Middle Way”, it can be translated as “just the right amount”. It is said to describe the basis of the Swedish national psyche; its consensus process and equality. It has a sense of appropriateness. Other artists include Asst Prof Pim Sudhikam, from the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Saran Yenpanya, whose dresses have been showcased at Elle Fashion Week. After the event in Bangkok, the exhibition travels to Stockholm.


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