Thai Princess visited Danish Design Studio in Bangkok

Friday the 26th of February, Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand presided at the inaugural ceremony of the Knowledge Exchange Center (KX) Building in Bangkok; a new venture by King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT).

Danish Jacob Jensen Design was privileged to be among the only company that the Princess visited in the 19-floored building.

Princess Sirindhorn was welcomed by the Jacob Jensen Design’s Bangkok Studio team when she arrived to the 15th floor of the Knowledge Exchange Center, where the Danish company is located.

“We presented the Princess for two of our Jacob Jensen design watches, the Classic and the Strata, one of our latest smart products, the Air quality monitor and our design classic, the Margrethe bowl”, Jessicaploy Yansucon, Studio Coordinator in SEA, reports:

“The Princess came to observe our unique education programme where it is a “learning by doing” for students in our Masters degree program. In the one-year course, students are treated as a team member of Jacob Jensen’s design team, working on real design projects from real clients”, she explains.

Ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther attended the visit with two representatives from the Embassy’s commercial section. Apart from that the Ambassador of the United States, Glyn T. Davies and the Ambassador of Finland, Kirsti Westphalen were also present.

“The princess toured around our studio and interacted with some of our product designs like our upcoming smart bracelet, which she tried on”, Jessicaploy Yansucon tells.

Jacob Jensen Design has a history with the Royal Family in Scandinavia. Two of their best known designs were named after the Princess of Sweden and the Queen of Denmark. They’re happy to continue this tradition outside of Scandinavia.

“We are very honored to be visited by a princess of Thailand, as we have just opened our studio in Bangkok not long ago (2012). The princess’s visit definitely establishes us as a respected design consultancy and in that aspect, it is both prestigious and a great story for our potential clients”, Jessicaploy Yansucon explains.

When the princess left. The studio hosted a Scandinavian style buffet dinner party with 41 VIP guests. Among the guests were Peter Romhild, Vice Chairman of ECCO Thailand, Rewat Chumnarn, Editor in chief at Wallpaper magazine Thailand, Per Enevolsen, Founder of Pandora, Wiwat Wongwarawipat, President at Design Gateway and more.

Established in 1958 in Denmark, Jacob Jensen Design is Scandinavia’s oldest and most award-winning design consultancy. It has design studios in Hejlskov, Shanghai and Bangkok.

The famous Magrethe Bowl - Flagship of Jacob Jensen Design.
The famous Magrethe Bowl – Flagship of Jacob Jensen Design.

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