Thai tourists highest spenders in Denmark

Thai tourists spend on average the highest amount per purchase in Denmark. The Chinese tourists who have flocked to Denmark in recent years are following suit.

Denmark has become a very popular destination for travelers. And there are some population groups that are significantly higher spenders during their visit than other.

Thai tourists spend an average of DKK 1141 per transaction, whereas tourists from Switzerland, who is more similar to Denmark, spend an average of DKK 516. Switzerland is the highest ranked European country on the list.

According to data compiled by Nets payment terminals in Denmark for the entire 2018.

Asian countries are thus very good customers, when they visit Denmark. According to, some of the factors that come into play when tourists from Asia choose to experience Denmark, are clean and environmentally friendly surroundings.

Although the vast majority of Asian tourists visiting Denmark comes from China, the Chinese are overtaken by the Thais, when it comes to spendings on the holidays.

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