Thai women in Denmark “Happy to be deported”

The court of Holstebro’s decision to deport a Thai woman came as a relief to her

On Tuesday the court of Holstebro, Denmark, decided that a Thai woman who had stayed illegally in Denmark for more than two years had to serve 30 days in Danish prison before she would be deported back to Thailand, BT writes.

“She came to Denmark at the end of 2018 on a 15-days tourist visa. She has been here ever since without legal permission,” The prosecutor for the district police, Niclas Nissen, says.

The woman herself was very happy with the verdict.

She said that she had been working at a massage parlor that offered “more than just massage”, but that she hadn’t performed any sexual services there.

Niclas Nissen said that the woman was very happy with being deported. She had for some time wanted to leave herself but she didn’t have the money for the ticket back to Thailand.

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