Thai/Asian restaurant in Sweden served by robotic waiters

Ali Khan and his family, originally from Thailand, have established several Lai Thai-restaurants across Sweden. The robot restaurant, Asia Taste, will open in September 2014. It will serve Asian food and not only Thai food. Ali thinks that the robots will attract customers more than the food. robot_restaurant

Ali has been interested in robot restaurants for around 10 years. “Back then the robots were on rails going very fast through the restaurant and it didn’t feel safe from a customer perspective and they were very expensive as well,” he said. Now the price has dropped to a more realistic level so it is his time to strike.

He bought 12 robots from Thailand for around a million SEK to work in his restaurant. The customers will be greeted by two large robots that will show them to the table and later serve them food. The robots can also sing Happy Birthday and dance Gangnam style. They can communicate with easy terms such as “how are you?” and give compliments such as “you look very nice today” and also talk about the weather. Ten of them will wait on tables, receiving orders in by pressing buttons.

If you visit Sweden after September 2014, don’t forget to visit the robot restaurant in Lidköping!

You can see a robot in action on Youtube called “Adam Robot serving food”

Source: Embassy of Sweden in Thailand

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