Thailand ranked 10th on global terrorism index

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) placed Thailand as 10th most dangerous place out of 162 countries surveyed in the Global Terrorism Index (GTI). Global-Terrorism-Index

Among Southeast Asian countries, Thailand, scoring 7.19 out of 10, trailed behind the Philippines which was ranked 9th with the score of 7.29, while Indonesia came in at 30th place with 4.67 scores.

More predictable were the countries identified as in greatest danger of terrorism, with Iraq scoring 10, followed by Afghanistan (9.39), Pakistan (9.37), Nigeria (8.58), Syria (8.12), India (7.86), Somalia (7.41),  and Yemen (7.31).

The GTI uses four indicators to measure the impact of terrorism: the number of terrorist incidents, the number of deaths, the number of casualties and the level of property damage.

These indicators are used to create a weighted five year average for each country, which takes into account the lasting effects of terrorism.

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