Thailand starts exporting pork to Russia

Photo: Axl 91 @ WikiCommons
Photo: Axl 91 @ WikiCommons

In 2013 Denmark exported 131.000 tonnes of pork to Russia, but the summer 2014 Russia banned the all import of European pork. Now Russia they are trying to fill the void with new suppliers. Thailand have become the latest. On the 17th December 2014 released a caravan of containers with 48 tonnes of pork heading to Russia.

Thai Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Pitipong Phuengboon Na Ayudhaya attended the caravan release and told, Thai newssite MCOT , that Russian officials have inspected Thailand’s livestock production process and Moscow subsequently gave a green light to import fresh meat produced from a processing plant in the Bang Khla area of Chachoengsao province, east of Bangkok.

Accroding to the newssite MCOT the Russian market reportedly demands pork equivalent to about 10 million pigs annually.

Sources: PolitikenMCOT online

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