Thailand’s rights of criminal suspects in European languages

The Danish Embassy presents the ‘Handbook of Accused’s Rights’, in which the rights of those accused of a criminal offense in Thailand have been translated into 20 different European languages. accuseds_rights

The book, which will be disseminated to Thai police stations, is the result of close cooperation between EU Member States represented in Thailand.

The Danish Embassy is glad to present the “Handbook of the Accused’s Rights”.

The handbook, which is finalised under the Danish EU-Presidency, contains a translation into 20 different European languages of the rights of persons, who are accused of a criminal offense in Thailand.

The handbook will be sent out to all police stations in Thailand, border immigration offices, and other authorities that deal with foreigners in conflict with the law in Thailand and it is a result of excellent cooperation between the EU Member States and the Kingdom of Thailand.

Source: Danish Embassy in Bangkok

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