The best countries to live in for remote working

Denmark and Sweden are among the top five countries to live in for remote employees, out of 108 countries evaluated. Southeast Asia can be found further down the line.

The ‘Global Remote Work Index 2023’ study was done by NordLayer and aims to help people discover the best suited countries to work remotely in. As they say, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, as people will prioritize different things.

That’s why they measured five different aspects which all have separate rankings: cyber safety, economic safety, digital & physical infrastructure and social safety.

However, putting all those together, Denmark takes the place as the best country to work remotely in, as they score the highest with all five aspects taken in consideration at once. Sweden comes in at a fifth place. Finland is ranked as number 11 and Norway as 20th, after the UK.

For Southeast Asia, Singapore is the first to be found with a ranking of 28th place. China at 39th, Malaysia at 41st, Thailand at 49th, Vietnam in 59th, Philippines at 68th, Indonesia at 75, and Cambodia at 101th place.

To check out the rankings for each of the five sub-categories, take a look here.

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