The correct Thailand Multiple Tourist Visa for Scandinavians


Many readers will have notice the announcement of the new Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (METV) for foreign visitors, available from 13 November 2015.

In order to be able to get such a visa there are special requirements and supporting documents needed, in addition to those applying for a standard tourist visa. All those seemed straightforward, except for one point: evidence of adequate finances.

ScandAsia found no less than three wordings about the requirement on this point.

Thai Embassy in South Africa: “Current bank statement showing the money no less than the equivalent to 200 000 THB deposited in the account in the last 6 months at the minimum.” “Copy of bank statements or evidence of adequate finances in the last six months with a minimum balance equivalent to 200,000 baht (every month).”

Thai Embassy in Stockholm: “A bank statement showing account (s) (CASH ONLY) with the amount of at least 57,000 SEK (200,000 baht) in the past 6 months.”

Did these different versions generate confusion? Do the wordings prompt questions?

If the answer is yes, ScandAsia now has the clarification for you, courtesy of the Consular section of the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, which should enable your application for a ‘Long Stay’ in Thailand to be smooth: The applicant must have a balance of the minimum amount for 6 months prior to the date of application.

danish passport2

“There has to be a standing balance of minimum 200 000 bath in the account for the last six months. It means that you have savings of minimum 57000 SEK in your bank account in everyday for 6 months (back from the date you submit the application).”

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  1. Very good information. As I understand it, the application also has to be handled at the Thai Embassy or consulate in the applicants home country. Am I right about that – Joachim?

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