The Queen’s birthday was celebrated in the Danish Seamen’s Church

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark was celebrated on her 78th birthday in the Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore. Although Her Majesty herself spent the day in Denmark, the celebration was no less enjoyable.

Guards from the Royal Danish Guards Association of Singapore was present to honour Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark. Photo: Sara Brun Nielsen

Port Chaplain Kirsten Eistrup welcomed the almost one hundred guests who showed up at the arrangement. The celebration of the Queen’s birthday may seem a bit too patriotic to others, but when living an expat life this is a great way to bring people together. The Danish Seamen’s Church had made a beautiful arrangement with live jazz music, champagne, sodas, finger food and classic Danish layer cake. And a toast from the Danish ambassador Dorte Bech Vizard that is.

“Her Majesty is Queen for all of us. It is no matter what skin colour you have, if you are new in Denmark or not, or what your political point of view is,” Dorte Bech Vizard said.

To celebrate this special day the Royal Danish Guards Association of Singapore was represented. For 360 years the Danish Royal Guards Regiment has been the only regiment guarding the Royal Family and palaces. And for fifteen years the association have been represented in Singapore too.

During her toast, the ambassador quoted the Queen:

“We must believe in our own worth, believe that we mean something also as Danes. Our country is not the backyard of a powerless boredom. We can certainly be proud of ourselves. Therefore, we dare to celebrate past accomplishments. And whether our roots are lost in distant times, or we have just settled down here, we can unite about our past. It represents part of our common legacy.”


See the pictures of the celebration below:

Port Chaplain Kirsten Eistrup (left) and ambassador Dorte Bech Vizard (right) cutting the cake. Photo: Sara Brun Nielsen
Port Chaplain Kirsten Eistrup welcoming the guests. Photo: Sara Brun Nielsen
Royal Garden Trio live jazz performance. Photo: Sara Brun Nielsen
Jacob Jacobsen (left) and Peter Højgaard Hansen (right) from the Royal Danish Guards Association of Singapore.             Photo: Sara Brun Nielsen
Photo: Sara Brun Nielsen

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