The Scandinavian Foreign Ministries advises against travelling to China

Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland have recently tightened their respective national travel-guidelines to China.

“We will discourage all unnecessary travel to China”, informs the Civil service of the Danish Foreign Ministry in a press-statement released at 9PM, Monday February 3, 2020.

Similar statements have been released by Norway, Sweden and Finland since January 26, 2020 with messages of taking special care if travelling to mainland China – and to avoid all travel to the Hubei province.

The changes in the Scandinavian guidelines for travelling to China is a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus in the city of Wuhan in the Hubei province.

“The spreading of the infection is noted in an increasing number of cities outside the province of Hubei. The National Board of Health asses that one could be in danger of infection outside the province of Hubei”, says the Danish Foreign Ministry.

If there is an urgent need to travel to the Hubei province the Danish and Finnish ministries advices their citizens to seek professional advice regarding travelling and Insurance.


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