The Swedes dream of living abroad – Spain at the top

Three out of ten Swedes are considering buying a home abroad and Spain is by far the most popular country, a recent Sifo survey shows. Sifo is a Swedish company that carries out market research, media and opinion polls.

According to the survey, 28% of Swedes have at some point considered buying a home abroad, and it is countries in warmer latitudes that attract the most. Residents in the big cities are most interested in living abroad (32%) and in the age group 50–64, 43% have considered buying a home abroad.

Spain clearly tops the list among countries in which Swedes would most like to buy a home (22%). Second place is taken by Italy (9%), followed by France and Portugal (5%). Thailand, that used to be high on the list, is down to 9th place with 2 %.

“Spain continues to be the Swedes’ absolute first choice for living abroad,” says Martin Posch, business area manager for the real estate agency Fastighetsbyrån utland. Fastighetsbyrån is Sweden’s leading real estate brokerage chain with approximately 270 offices and approximately 1,700 employees across the country and in parts of Spain and Portugal.

“After the pandemic eased, we see a record high demand from Swedes, which is also holding up now that the Swedish housing market is a bit shaky. The warm climate naturally attracts, but also culture, food, nature and leisure activities make Spain attractive. Good flight opportunities and different price levels on housing also makes it a realistic option for many, and remote work broadens the target group for people living abroad,” he adds.

When asked how they would mainly like to use a home abroad, over a third answered that they would use it during holidays and weekends (35%) and during all or most of the winter months (34%). 18% also state that they would like to use the accommodation for longer periods and work remotely.

“The pandemic has increased the possibility of working remotely for longer periods and this means that more people see living abroad as an alternative. The target group here in Spain has broadened and we can see more younger people as buyers. Many also think it is positive from a sustainability perspective when they can use the home for longer periods and reduce the number of flights,” says Martin Posch, business area manager Fastighetsbyrån abroad.

Results from the survey:
In which country, apart from Sweden, would you most like to buy a home?
Spain (22%)
Italy (9%)
France (5%)
Portugal (5%)
Greece (5%)
Norway (3%)
Germany (2%)
USA (2%)
Thailand (2%)
Australia (1%)

If you were to buy a home abroad, how would you primarily like to use it? (multiple answers possible)
During holidays and weekends (35%)
During all/most parts of the winter season (34%)
During longer periods when I can work remotely (18%)
Doubtful, don’t know (16%)
Permanent (10%)

About the survey
The survey has been carried out by Kantar Public on behalf of the Real Estate Agency. It is based on approx. 1,000 interviews, with people aged 18–79 and is nationally representative. The data collection was carried out in the randomly recruited Sifo panel between 19 – 25 May 2022.


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