Theatre, and acting workshops at Rembrandt with Swede Ulf Pilblad


In a major modern cultural initiative for Bangkok, multimedia ‘TEATRO’ and multidisciplinary workshops will begin on 4 October 2015, held at the five-star Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok.

This rich, professional Teatro, starts with an event named ‘The last day of a condemned’, which is freely inspired from Victor Hugo and directed by Mr Maurizio Mistretta, an Italian-born artist living in Bangkok.

The event is produced by two Swedes, Mr Ulf Jean Loup Pilblad from All Soul Production and Mr Eric Hallin, General Manager of  Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok. Mr Pilblad is more known to the Nordic community in Bangkok as the PCE Travel tour operator manager, much fewer knows about his return to performing arts in recent years (he has a background since young age within theatre acting.)

GM Eric Hallin said that theatre at the Rembrandt was “a fabulous first for Bangkok. Guests, patrons and Bangkok’s theatre lovers will appreciate the opportunity to attend theatre rarely accessible outside Europe. Our aim is to contribute to the city’s vibrant modern theatre offering with a mix of traditional Italian theatre, workshops, and multimedia including cinema and television.”

“It is a multimedia event between Theatre and Cinema that will serve a movie production called ‘The Red Iron Door’ in production since the 2012. The movie will be released at the end of this year,” Ulf describes the first event being held at Rembrandt.

Following on the 4 October event several thematic steps will be created at the hotel on monthly basis, scheduling one workshop and one performance with the same content, selected by an author or focused on a trend or a social issue.

The two acting workshops scheduled for 10 -11 October would introduce the most progressive techniques of contemporary theatre with a large spectrum of European poetic and social productions from Hugo to Pasolini.

The Italian Theatre scheduled for 24-25 October is a multidisciplinary workshop introducing specific techniques using several different improvisations.

Some of the participants of these two workshops will be selected to participate in the theatre production of the ‘6 Pinocchio’s’ on 8 November.

The program in December is based on the Commedia Dell’Arte with Mr Fulvio Ianneo, an Italian theatre master and director. Fulvio will lead this workshop of the Commedia Dell’Arte where patrons will learn about the mask of Arlecchino and the final performance will be ‘Doctor Arlecchino’ composed from Canovaccio of the antique comedy company, Golosi.

Other scheduled productions are being inspired by classic European authors including Pirandello, Shakespeare, Camus, Collodi, Hugo, and Pasolini.


Details on the ‘The last day of a condemned man’
Written and directed by Maurizio Mistretta on stage with Ulf Jean Loup Pilblad. The event is freely adapted from “The Last Day of a Condemned Man’ (‘Le Dernier Jour d’un Condamné’ in its original language) – a short novel by Victor Hugo first published in 1829.

The novel recounts the thoughts of a man condemned to die. Victor Hugo wrote this novel to express his feelings that the death penalty should be abolished. A man who has been condemned to death by the guillotine in 19th-century France writes down his cogitations, feelings and fears while awaiting his execution. His writing traces his change in psyche vis-a-vis the world outside the prison cell throughout his imprisonment, and describes his life in prison, everything from what his cell looks like to the personality of the prison priest. He does not betray his name or what he has done to the reader, though he vaguely hints that he has killed someone.

The present version moves continuously from the past (in video) and the present (in a prison cell) during the last day of an artist.
4 October event details:
For Reservation please call Tel. +66 2 261 7100 ext. 7500-02 or email [email protected]

Presentation trailer of our project

Supplementary information about our first event “The Last Day of the Condemned Man


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  1. Greetings,

    I recently had a workshop cancellation that was suppose to take place on Oct 24th and 25th in Hong Kong.

    I still have a non-refundable ticket that I have to use. So I’m curious on what type of workshop youre offering and do you have more information that I read about the Italian Theatre?

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