Top 5 in travel freedom: Singapore and Denmark


If you are a holding a passport from either Singapore or Denmark, you can brag about having most travel freedom in the world.

To be more specific, a person with a Singaporean passport can visit 173 countries or territories without needing visa, and a person with a Danish passport can visit 174.

The annual Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index has ranked Denmark and Singapore in top 5 over countries with most travel freedom. Every year countries are ranked according to the number of countries or territories that their citizens can travel without having to obtain a visa.

With a joint-fifth Singapore in 2016 it is the third year Singapore continues to be in top 5, and is the highest-ranking Asian nation together with Japan on the travel index.

At the top of the 2016 list is Germany, as those holding its passport can access 177 countries or territories without a visa.

There are a total of 219 destinations/territories with a maximum score attainable at 218. Points cannot be assigned to a national travelling to their own country, said Henley & Partners.

The index evaluated 199 nationalities/passports, including the 193 member states of the United Nations, Taiwan, Kosovo, Palestinian Territory, Vatican City, Hong Kong (SAR China) and Macau (SAR China). Countries or territories that do not enforce their own visa restrictions – Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Palestinian Territory, San Marina and Vatican City – are considered a nationality, but not a destination, the index said.


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