Tuborg to strengthen Chinese rock music


For years Tuborg have been synonymous with the Danish music culture, especially through the “Green Concert”, which is a number of Tuborg sponsored concerts around Denmark with Danish artists.

Now that concept is moving to China where the first “Green Fest” will be held in the city of Yinchuan where 120,000 guests are expected to buy tickets.

“It has been a strategy we have used to build the brand of Tuborg in many countries and now we see an opportunity of doing the same in China. That is why we now have a strategy of bringing the music to consumers in China,” said Helle M. Petersen who has the commercial responsibility for Tuborg’s Chinese market.

Tuborg is especially interested in the youths of China. Tuborg is planning to brand itself to this younger segment by giving them good festival experiences similar to the ones that Tuborg create in Europe. Helle M. Petersen of Tuborg explains that the younger Chinese are very much into music, but that two out of three have never set foot at a music festival but that they really want to.

She says that the plan is to implement the traditional elements from the European festivals. Especially the social dimension, which means that the festivals are just as much about spending time with friends as it is about the music.

“We are not only a concert supplier. We want to help build social platforms in connection with the festivals where young Chinese can get together,” said Helle M. Petersen.

To get inspiration for these social platforms, Helle M. Petersen along with a few others from Tuborg visited this year’s Roskilde Festival, which is the biggest music festival in Northern Europe. Here they have seen how the social aspect works with hangout places for the guests.

The “Green Fest” shoots of this Thursday, lasts for four days and has the popular Xie Tian Xiao as main act.

“It is local artists because we want to be a believable part of the music industry and we want to help strengthen the Chinese rock culture. Rock in China is still a small segment compared with pop but Tuborg is more anchored in the rock genre and that is why we would like to help sponsor rock music in China,” Helle M. Petersen explains.

Source: dr.dk


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