Upcoming Swedish healthcare Indonesia delegation

Business Sweden, Swecare Foundation, the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta and EIBN invites Swedish companies and brands to participate in a delegation to Indonesia with the purpose to capture the rapid growing business opportunities related to the healthcare industry in Indonesia.


The delegation will take place on 18 – 20 October in conjunction with the annual 2016 Hospital Expo and provide Swedish companies with the opportunity to better understand the Indonesian healthcare sector and meet with key decision makers from the Ministry of Health, Public and Private Hospitals, Healthcare Associations and potential distributors/importers.

“In conclusion, the Indonesian market for medical devices and healthcare IT systems is promising based on strong annual growth rates, changing demographic and consumption patterns, the implementation of JKN and a lack of domestic players,” states Business Sweden

“Indonesian distributors are keen to meet international/Swedish suppliers. Take the opportunity to meet Indonesian decision makers and showcase how your company solutions can be implemented in Indonesia!”

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