Vietnam waives visas for Nordic tourists

The Vietnamese government on December 29, 2014 issued a resolution on waiving visas within a certain time period for tourists from seven countries, starting in January. viet_tourism

The waiver will be applied to citizens from Russia, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

Tourists from those countries whose temporary stay in Vietnam does not exceed 15 days are eligible for the visa waiver irrespective of the kind of passport they are holding and the purpose of their trip.

The waiver is to be applied to tourists from the said countries within five years, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2019, before renewal is considered.

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3 Comments on “Vietnam waives visas for Nordic tourists”

  1. Good post and also informative but more description can also be added. May be the news is old but it will help to the travelers who are new to Vietnam.

  2. I have been to Vietnam twice during the last 5 years
    and traveling on a Danish passport I did not have to apply
    for a visa, so your news is old

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